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Qiao Hui Hotel


    Overseas Chinese international hotel is a tourism business hotel, is apart from the regatta center, beauty and 500 meters of the sea coast before, located near the new political, economic, financial and trade center and elegant environment, convenient transportation. With various high, middle-grade 161 rooms can accommodate up to 200 people, between the multi-function hall 1 and 6 small rooms, restaurants, banquet, and different styles of single 12, can accommodate 400 people by overseas Chinese, shandong chefs authentic. Still have KTV rooms, disco entertainment facilities. Overseas Chinese international hotel is the domestic and foreign guests and the community, banquets, tourist hotel, recreation, office and organize various conferences and activities of the ideal place.

        Overseas Chinese international hotel guests in the "credibility of the first, supreme" as the objective, wholeheartedly welcome the guests


                     Address: Qingdao Hong Kong middle road 41   Telephone: 0532-88699988  Fax: 0532-85724190   QQexchange