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     Meet overseas Chinese, to create the future

  Coasted in the Yellow Sea, lies by the Huiquan Gulf, poppling in bluish waves, covered by red tiles and greenery, this is the famous tourism city of China, reputed as “Yellow Sea Pearl” and “Oriental Switzerland” –Qingdao. Given the richly endowed by the nature of geographical environment and climate conditions, combined with prosperous local economy, the city has been attracting global tourists in an endless stream. In 2008, Qingdao, billions Chinese’s ultimate dream eventually came true, held the yacht game of 29th Olympics that has shown the whole world the unique charm of the city.

  Qingdao Overseas Chinese International Hotel has been serving travellers from all over the world since 1991. In the year of 2008, the hotel was acquired by Qingdao Huatong State-owned Capital Operation(Corp.) Co., Ltd and later received a complete overhaul and interior redecoration invested by the headquater, moreover, the management team implemented integration with the 70-year old Overseas Chinese Hotel. This action perfectly injected the exclusive organizational culture and brand concept of Overseas Chinese Hotel into the full-frills operation and management models.